Cabalá en acción – Semana 05

In this week’s lesson, we explore the question of whether the study of the Wisdom Kabbalah could possibly one day become as necessary to humanity’s development as reading, writing, and mathematics were in the past.  Before you dismiss this idea, know that Kabbalah teaches that the No. 1 issue humanity will face in the near future will be our inability to connect to each other above our growing ego – something we see already happening. The negative implications of this trend will mean that those who have the ability to connect humanity together according to the spiritual law of love will increasingly play a leading role in education and social leadership. 
In this segment we will explore how Kabbalah fosters an «outward facing» attitude towards our spiritual practice and the world at large.  We will learn how all of humanity’s greatest challenges have a spiritual root, as well as how the wisdom of Kabbalah is uniquely qualified to tackle the task at hand.