Cabalá en acción – Semana 04

Welcome back to another exciting week of Kabbalah in Action! This week we have a very special lineup prepared for you. We will be delving into one of the most important concepts in the wisdom of Kabbalah, prayer. We’ll learn the different facets included in the prayer and practice how to develop the spiritual vessel in order to draw the light that reforms. We will also be able to clearly identify and understand what is the role of the group in our spiritual development, thus setting the foundation for our spiritual success.
There is a constant relationship between our desire and intention and the desire and intention of this Upper Force. How we direct our intention and desire in our lives determines how this force relates to us and develops us. If we  go in the same direction, to the same goal and use the right means, then this force will advance us in the good way. Let’s start exploring what this requires. 
How do we pray? It is written: “Who asks for his friend receives first.”  To ask for the friend is an expression of bestowal. I am the Bina to Malchutthat passes through me, but I don’t want it for myself. Although I prayed for society, I am rewarded double because I have expanded my desire and deficiency to the magnitude of the whole group and that’s why now specifically I can receive a fulfillment for both the group and myself.
The rule “love thy friend as thyself” is not a biblical cliche but a real feeling and perception, that I feel my friend as I feel myself and thus I am concerned for him like I am concerned for myself. Thus, in sum, if we are able  constantly to work on this feeling of humility towards the friends, accordingly we build up the powers of bestowal.